Happy New Year’s Resolutions from the Myall Coast

2019 has brought about many challenges and News Of The Area took some time to catch up with a few of our local people to see what 2020 will bring.

New Year’s Resolutions 2020 shared by locals.


Gordon Grainger.

1. Gordon Grainger
“Keep up our campaign to ensure our river is maintained in a pristine condition.”



David Brailey.

2. David Brailey
“Be fruitful.”



Cheryl Milburn.

3. Cheryl Milburn
“To make more women aware of the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer for an early diagnosis.”



Kathy Gillespie.

4. Kathy Gillespie
“Spend more time with people that make you smile.”



Denise Haynes.

5 .Denise Haynes
“To keep having fun whilst growing my business.”



Leon Bobako.

6. Leon Bobako
“To develop my music skills and have more fun with friends.”



Ian Morphett.

7. Ian Morphett
“I am definitely cutting down on meetings in 2020.”



Monika Turner.

8. Monika Turner
“Drink more alcohol”



Russell Turner.

9. Russell Turner
“ Finish the renovation”



MP David Gillespie.

10. MP David Gillespie
“Eat less food, read more books, and less screens”



Ron Conaghan.

11. Ron Conaghan
“Ensure the Free Clinic Bus travels our Patrons to their appointments on time and safely”


Anthony Townsend.


12. Anthony Townsend
“Stay healthy and improve my physical fitness.”

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