History repeats herself at Tanilba House in 2021

The landing party arrives.


TO commemorate the sesquicentenary of the landing of Lieutenant William.Caswell, a reenactment and gala day was held on the foreshore at Tanilba Bay in 1981.

A large sailing boat hove to and a landing party was rowed ashore to be greeted by local natives.

The Union Jack was raised, a cake cut and a commemorative stone unveiled.

It was later set in the central gateway column at the main road intersection.

Those present were then taken on a walk around the perimeter of the historic homestead but were not permitted inside the grounds as it was privately leased at the time.

A great day was had by all.

Relations between the Caswells and the local Indigenous people have been reported as being positive during colonial times.

Indeed the recently published ‘History and Heritage of Tanilba House’ (2019) states that, ‘The Worimi and Lt. Caswell’s family certainly had respect for one another and a peaceful co-existence and inter-cultural exchange developed between them which saw the Aboriginal people undertaking seasonal work for rations and tobacco alongside convicts, and, also sharing knowledge.’

History is about to repeat itself with the new owners of Tanilba House celebrating the 190th anniversary of the colonial mansion on 28 March.

There will be an ‘Open House’ and activities including devonshire teas with local schools performing along with brass and ukulele bands, dance groups, cultural displays and a Lions Club BBQ.

Entry is $2 and the celebrations will be between 10.30 am and 2.30 pm.




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