Hoges at the Pub

Photograph of Paul Hogan
Photograph of Paul Hogan


Hoges looks at his best in the huge photograph adorning the wall in the Tea Gardens Pub. But……… there has been much discussion about where and when the photograph was taken.

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The photograph was given to Ben Hanson who was told it had been taken in the Tea Gardens Hotel.

“It’s a fabulous photograph. Beautifully taken.” said Ben. “It really is an iconic Australian image. I couldn’t resist enlarging and framing it.”

But Ben continued, “it has caused serious debate even down to the size of the tiles at the bar.”

Is it a photograph taken in our town? Did Hoges ever visit the area? Did Paul Hogan do the Hoges show in Tea
Gardens? When?

If it was taken in Tea Gardens Pub, Ben is looking to identify the men in the background at the bar. That will be the only way the argument can be put to rest.

Peace and harmony will then return to the pub.

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