Dear Jasminda,

My dog is 14 and has a growth on her stomach. It is going to cost me about $1,000 in vet bills, which I do have, but I was putting it aside for a cruise. I sort of feel he’s had a good life anyway. I’m thinking of ‘sending him to the farm’ if you know what I mean. My wife doesn’t understand.

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Mr TK, Bobs Farm

Mr TK, you are asking the wrong person here. My kids actually tell me that our dog is the favourite child, and I very rarely correct them. I mean, a dog’s love cannot be replicated. A spouse or child is never going to greet you with the exhuberence that the family dog exhibits. Ever. Dogs curl up on your lap on cold evenings. They tuck their head under your arm when you are feeling sad. They keep you company on long walks. They don’t answer back. They never complain about leftovers. A dog gives unconditional love, Mr TK. Unconditional. And you, in return, must give it back. If the dog was in considerable pain, or untreatable, then of course you would follow your vet’s advice, but in this case it sounds as though all you are thinking about is your sun lounge and a few Pina Coladas. What sort of person are you?

I think your wife should go on a cruise and your share of the money should go towards your furry friend. That’s what I think. If you do take ‘the farm’ option, your wife will never forgive you. Then your life won’t be worth living either.

Carpe diem,


One thought on “Jasminda

  1. Mr T.K Bob’s Farm,
    I won’t beat around the bush..
    You have unashamedly stated that you would end your dogs life so you could go on a Cruise. Your choice isn’t about easing her pain & suffering it was about you wanting more Bang for your Buck.. Does 14 years of unconditional love mean nothing to you?
    FYI.. You’re not getting any younger either & you better pray you don’t get a growth cause Karma is a bitch..

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