Jennifer Wenham talks about Red Cross happenings

Red Cross Emergency Services visited Seaham on Sunday 21 June to check on the residents in relation to their recovery from the April Storm.

The team walked ‘up hill and down dale’ checking every house to see if further assistance was required.

We were met by a cheerful community who were surprised and grateful for the visit with some still cleaning up yards and most back in the swing of things.

Seaham is quite a hilly little town and team members returned home with aching legs but a sense that this community had got back to near normal.

A reminder that the AGM takes place on Monday 27 July with this date as a deadline to finalise donated goods for the homeless.

A representative of Red Cross will be on hand to assist in the collection with goods to be distributed in the Newcastle area.

My thanks go out to those who have already donated goods and in advance to those who are willing to assist in our drive for goods to assist homeless people in need.

We have collected some lovely knitted items with beanies, scarves, socks gloves and blankets already on hand to distribute.

Don’t forget our Big Cake Bake on Saturday 15 August at Myall Quays Market day.

All donations of delicious home baked items will be greatly appreciated as this is a state wide initiative which saw Tea Gardens as one of the top fundraisers in last year’s event.

Community support in the past has made us proud to be part of such a generous local area with funds raised far exceeding expectations for our size.

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