Jimmys Beach Makes An Appearance in the New York Times

Jimmys Beach.


WE may not be taking travellers from the USA for some time, but for the avid readers of the New York Times, Hawks Nest and Jimmys Beach may have just been added to their bucket list.

News Of The Area is reliably informed that each year the New York Times puts out a list of the 52 places we love, and this year Jimmys Beach at Hawks Nest not only made the list but pipped all other destinations in Australia.

The article was spotted by an expat Australian Julie Osborne who had spent time in the area as a five year old child and again in her early 30’s.

Julie’s uncle Geoff Lambert told News Of The Area, “Whenever she is able to get back to Australia and see her family in Canberra she never misses out on coming back to this area and loves nothing more than swimming and walking on Jimmys Beach, she has travelled extensively and always says this is the best place ever!

“So, you can imagine her delight when coming across this article,” he said.

Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens have long been holiday favourites for those escaping the hustle and bustle of Sydney, but this writer wonders if this feature will see an influx of American visitors when the borders finally open once again to international travellers.

Who knows how many of those living in the arduous conditions in the United States Of America where COVID-19 is taking over 4,000 lives per day with a total number of cases over 22 million will yearn for the peace and tranquillity of our region.

The article in the New York Times waxes lyrical about the simple pleasures that can be enjoyed at Jimmys Beach like walking the dog and the unique opportunity to see the Australian Dingo in its native habitat.

New York natives may be discovering Hawks Nest but for those who live in the region we already know we live in a special patch of paradise here in Port Stephens.




Jimmys Beach was featured in the New York Times.

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