Kate Washington Member for Port Stephens Appointed to Shadow Ministry for Rural Health, Heritage, and Environment.

Kate Wahsington now responsible for two Shadow Ministries.
Kate Wahsington now responsible for two Shadow Ministries.


The Labor Party has, four months after the 18 March State Election selected Ms Jodi McKay as their leader and shadow ministerial appointments were promptly announced.

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IN HER second term of Parliament, Member for Port Stephens Ms Kate Washington has taken on a range of roles in her new shadow ministry appointed.

The newly minted Shadow Minister for the Environment and Heritage and Shadow Minister for Rural Health will have a wide portfolio to get a grasp off as she begins her second term.

Ms Washington has a long standing reputation as being concerned for the natural environment especially in the plight of the koalas in her electorate.

Ms Washington told News Of The Area, ““I’m looking forward to my new role advocating for our environment and fighting to make sure regional communities have access to the healthcare services they need.”

“NSW lags behind every other state when it comes to valuing and protecting our environment, and our children and grandchildren are going to bear the brunt.”

“For a start, we need to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic because it’s clogging up our waterways and poisoning our wildlife. We just can’t keep doing what we’re doing.”

“We shouldn’t have a situation where people are forced to accept poorer health outcomes for themselves and their children because they live in the country.”

“When people living in rural NSW cannot access chemotherapy, dialysis or mental health services, the Premier’s slogan that ‘NSW can have it all’ is meaningless.

“Before I entered Parliament, I practiced health law. So I know how important it is to ensure everyone can access the health services they need, regardless of where they live.”

Ms Washington has identified her priorities as being, amongst others, to focus on reducing single-use plastic, protecting koala habitats, and address ongoing inequities of access to health care for rural communities.

Ms Washington was formerly the Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Shadow Minister for the Hunter.


By Heather SHARP

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