Les and Hazel Wheeler from Karuah deliver non-perishable items to parts of the outback

Les and Hazel after loading the van with donations.


YOU may recall reading the Karuah Generosity story that went to print in News Of The Area on 4 September where two Karuah locals, Les and Hazel Wheeler were calling for donations of non-perishable items which they will deliver to parts of the outback for distribution to the needy people who are doing it tough.

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Two local ladies, after reading the story, Sue Ward and Helen Haslam decided to do something to assist the Wheelers with their project and became extremely motivated in encouraging people to donate.

It did not take too long for the goods to start arriving and before too long Sue’s house was brimming with all sorts of items that had been generously given by members of the Wednesday Mahjong group as well as goodies from the Golfing ladies and also monetary donations from members of the VIEW Club.

Last Thursday, the Wheelers drove to Tea Gardens to collect the goods and carton upon carton of all and sundry were packed into the vehicle for distribution to the needy.

Hazel told News of the Area, “This pickup is really good and all items will be put to good use.

“We have a very reliable and fuel economic vehicle to do this type of trip and cannot wait to get on the road on Saturday with the first stop being Narrabri before heading on to Moree to do a further drop off.”

When I asked Sue how she felt about the donations, she said, “This project has been an absolute pleasure to co-ordinate and to organize the pickup with Hazel and Les.”

As we go to print with this issue, donations are still being delivered to The Centre in Karuah so if you are in a position to help, drop off your goods at The Centre.

Hazel did say that if they needed to do another trip, she would make it happen and also said, “I need to be busy and always need a project!”

Safe travels Les and Hazel.



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