Letter to the Editor: Can you help Community at 3?

DEAR News Of The Area,

BY now you would be sharing with us the disappointment that the Government has decided not to support our emergency accommodation project.

Let me say, our community has responded with the strongest disappointment I have seen.

This also is sad as our volunteers have spent years sourcing and preparing for this project and from what I see, the Government, and in particular Minister for Homelessness Rose Jackson, had no idea of what we have achieved in the past eight years for people or what was proposed for the future.

Many lives have been saved, many hopes restored, and will be in the future.

It appears Minister Jackson was across very little of the detail.

Our State Member Leslie Williams submitted a strong case for this project.

A petition with 12,430 signatures was submitted too.

Community at 3 will press on and find the right solution to assist the homeless in our area.

We won’t give up as our community has requested we continue to go forward with their support.

Thank you to Leslie Williams, and to all who have assisted us to get this far.

Together we believe in great results in the future.

Let’s make it happen.

I also have a request for help.

We need current ‘letters of support’.

Previously you have provided many letters of support but now they are not current and require updating.

I suggest a general letter, addressed to ‘To whom it may concern’.

Then you could write some paragraphs about how you know us and your recommendations for financial support for transitional accommodation and grant applications.

Who can write a letter of support?

We welcome letters from anyone who would like to support Community at 3 in these projects.

Your letter could be emailed to theo.hazelgrove@gmail.com, or communityat3pm@gmail.com, or posted to P.O. Box 103 Laurieton 2443.

For more information call me on 0419370076.

Community at 3.

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