Letter to the Editor: Nuclear logic ‘disappointing’

DEAR News Of The Area,

OUR Federal Nationals member, Pat Conaghan, delivered his Budget Newsletter to my letterbox this morning.

In it he talks about how the COALition will deliver “more affordable reliable energy”.

However, his lack of logic is very disappointing and doesn’t inspire confidence that the LNP know what they are talking about.

He complains that gas prices have gone up by 25 percent (no time frame mentioned) but then says that the LNP will ramp-up domestic gas production for “affordable, reliable energy in the immediate term”.

He fails to mention that gas price rises are due to disruptions caused by the invasion of Ukraine and that Australian consumers pay international prices due to the way that both sides of government have allowed international corporations to basically have our resources for free.

Many gas projects will end up paying no tax.

He claims that Labor has a “renewables only” energy policy yet Labor has locked in more gas beyond 2050.

There is no way to reach net zero if we continue to burn fossil fuels.

All energy systems have dependencies, whether it be the weather or international supply chains.

This is why we have a network of power lines, a mix of generators, and energy storage systems.

This system is in a state of flux as we try to decarbonise in an attempt to avert more serious climate change.

It is natural to be anxious about change but it shouldn’t mean that we lose our rationality.

While gas prices increase, the price of sunshine remains free, and the cost of harnessing it with solar panels and wind turbines continues to fall.

As for nuclear, it is increasingly expensive, takes too long to build, is financially and physically risky, and leaves a legacy of poisonous waste that lasts for millions of years and for which we do not have a viable solution.

Also, at current usage rates, the known and estimated reserves of uranium will only last 90 years.

The sun, on the other hand, is a nuclear power source that is a nice, safe distance away, is self regulating, and will last for at least another 5,000 million years.

The future’s so bright that I’ll have to wear shades!

Peter SOBEY,

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