Letter to the Editor: Nuclear power generation

DEAR News Of The Area,

GOOD to see the LNP has declared “game on” with respect to the nuclear power generation stakes.

After winning at the next toss of the coin, the LNP’s first bowlers will need to dismiss the present ban on nuclear energy for this country.

This will be a sticky wicket to initially score runs on.

There will be a lot of no-balls sent down, as well as a googly or two sent to the slips.

Crikey… there may even be a distraction in the form of a three-tailed kangaroo bounding across the field!!

After the nuclear ban has been dismissed and sent to the sheds, then the follow-on batsmen will attempt to frustrate any attempts to play a straight bat to facts.

And it will be “facts” that matter in this game.

One of the facts is that the first United States nuclear submarine was sent to sea in 1957. Canada has had a nuclear power station since 1958.

Australia has had a nuclear reactor since 1958.

We were right there as a world leader.

Both sea-going and land-based nuclear power plants have evolved enormously since 1957/58.

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors, Very High-Temperature Reactors and Molten Salt Reactors are some of many already well along the design path.

Molten Salt Reactors can even consume waste from other reactors.

And before anyone suggests that Small Nuclear Reactors don’t exist in reality… what do you reckon a nuclear submarine operates with?

How many nuclear submariners since 1957 have grown three eyes?

In that great Australian tradition… let the sledging begin!


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