Letter to the Editor: State Government riding roughshod over local needs

DEAR News Of The Area,

I HAVE always thought that there were three tiers of government in Australia: Federal, State and Local Government.

Sadly the shenanigans going on with the proposed development of the Jetty Foreshores shows just how naive this belief is.

Evidently it matters not what our local community or democratically elected Local Council want, the State Government can ride roughshod over local needs and do what they want.

I urge all locals to look at the latest plans for this blatant land grab by our State Government and the ludicrous decision to sell off our community owned foreshores to developers.

The latest plans to erect up to 450 units or dwellings plus 4x 6 storey buildings on public land is abhorrent.

The foreshores are the jewel in Coffs Harbour’s crown.

For the sake of future generations don’t destroy it just to fill the State’s coffers and appease developers.

“Foreshores for all”.


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