Letter to the Editor: Thankyou Doctor Budden

DEAR News Of The Area,

I WANTED to share my recent experience with the wonderful Doctor Aaron Budden of Womens Reproductive Care, Coffs Harbour.

After experiencing nineteen years of chronic pain, fainting episodes and crippling fatigue with no conclusive medical diagnosis – I’d given up on my health and was seeking counselling services as doctors were telling me it was psychosomatic.

Last year I started to have hormonal changes and was referred to Dr Budden as precautionary in my lead-up to trying for a baby.

From the outset he was extremely friendly, professional but mostly caring.

He showed me empathy and also treated me like a real human, making me feel like I was in the company of a friend.

Never once did I feel misunderstood, uncomfortable or invalidated.

Several weeks later I experienced an ectopic miscarriage.

Dr Budden was the first doctor to call unprompted and supported me through it, giving me clear and calm direction.

I agreed to have a laparoscopy to check out what was going on.

For me that was a big step.

After the procedure on Friday 21, after nineteen years of confusion, Dr Budden diagnosed and excised me for Stage 4 Endometriosis.

I have never felt so validated and relieved in my life to be given a clear answer.

For thinking something was in my head for so many years to finally having a diagnosis. Even writing this I have tears in my eyes because of the utter relief.

Thank you Dr Budden for being a real doctor and making my quality of life so much better.

We are blessed to have such an incredible doctor in Coffs Harbour and we should hold onto him with two hands!

I will now begin my journey back to health armed with the knowledge of what I am dealing with.

Olivia HAY,
Coffs Harbour.

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