Lions Club of Soldiers Point Install Seating at Soldiers Point Public School

Students from Soldiers Point Public School, Breanna Richards, Keeley Costello, Gus Adnim, Jarvis Henson, Jack Barrett with Teacher Rachel Waglang, with Lions Sharon Blunt, Bob Cramp, and John and Chris Arckless at the newly installed seating.


STUDENTS at Soldiers Point Public School have four new outdoor tables and chairs in the playground thanks to the efforts of the Lions Club of Soldiers Point.

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The seating was co-funded by the Lions Club of Soldiers Point and Lions Australia with the installation costing just over $4000.

One of the projects for Soldiers Point Lions Club for 2019 was to raise funds to assist with the schools in their region.

President of the Club Sharon Blunt told News Of The Area, “We asked the schools what they wanted to do and Soldiers Point Public School wanted to extend the seating for the students and the club thought this would be a good project to be involved in.”

The Club is keen to continue to support the local school and is currently working with the school to identify potential projects that they can assist with.

Teacher Rachel Waglang said, “There is more to do in the seating area there is a large seating space that is on uneven ground which could be improved upon.”

At times students are sitting under trees on their hats to stay in the shade.

“It would be nice to have it leveled out and to have a shade sail to protect the students from the elements.”

The students assisted in assembling the seating creating a sense of ownership whilst learning some new skills.



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