Local COVID Numbers Decline as North Coast Vaccinations Reach Over 90%

Anyone yet to be vaccinated can find a clinic or book through the Vaccine Clinic Finder. 


THE latest data shows the local COVID-19 vaccination rates are above a whopping 95 percent.

Our Local Government Area active case numbers have dropped to five with four of those in Coffs Harbour.

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The total number of cases in the LGA since the pandemic started is 73.

Healthy North Coast Chief Executive Julie Sturgess said North Coast residents have pulled together in an exceptional show of community spirit to ensure more than 90% of adults and older teens are protected against the worst of COVID.

“North Coast residents understand that living in one of the most visited regions in NSW means they will be living with COVID in the future and they have chosen the best defence possible,” said Ms Sturgess.

“We are known for our resilience up here and we’ve had some tough times over the past few years.

“There’s no question that our community has rallied around again in a solid stand against this virus.

“As we have seen recently, the risk of outbreaks is still very real and I urge anyone who has yet to be vaccinated to take that step, particularly for our younger residents aged twelve to fifteen years.

“We don’t have regional figures for this age group, but national data shows seventy four percent of people aged twelve to fifteen years-old are vaccinated with their first dose and 62 percent are vaccinated with two doses.”

Ms Sturgess hopes those numbers accelerate over the next week or two.

“We also have to remember that there are some people in our community who want to be vaccinated, but cannot due to medical reasons.

“If the rest of us who are eligible follow through, this keeps our more vulnerable residents safer too,” Ms Sturgess said.

The Coffs Harbour LGA has a population of 76,648.

The total number of COVID tests since the pandemic began is 71,288.

Currently there is a daily test rate of 89 tests across the testing sites in the LGA.

The data on the recent number of tests totalled 2363.

The latest NSW Government data shows the highest case numbers in zero to nine year olds but the highest deaths in eighty to 89 year olds.


By Sandra MOON

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