Mervyn McConnochie, Karuah


Dear News Of The Area,

IN response to “Tucker Says Burnoff Needed”, News Of The Area 5 December 2019.

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As Councillor Tucker would be aware, if he watches and reads the news, ‘Burning Off’ is but one tool in the set of Bushfire Management tools.

Take a Bushfire Prone Lands (BFZ) Local Environment Plan, available on Ports Stephens Council’s website, for those considering living in our ‘Treasured Environment’ as an example of another tool.

You have to ask him, given the legislation states BFZs shall be recertified every five years, “why that map is at least ten years out of date”? You have to ask him, given the changes to the legislation in 2015, “why are the only two, not three, categories of vegetation types”? Let’s all prattle on about removing ‘green tape’, and suggesting everyone lobby the State member, and not bother seeing to it that Council has done its job first, being a ‘Best Practice’ Organisation.

Mervyn McConnochie

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