Motor Vehicle and Bicycle crime at a high in the Port Stephens area

Detective Superintendent Chad Gillies reports an increase in motor vehicle crime.


CRIME in the Port Stephens area is at a high, particularly in regards to stolen motor vehicles.

Since 1 January 2021, there have been over 140 incidents reported relating to motor vehicles, with 64 in January, 47 in February and 29 in March.

Detective Superintendent Chad Gillies of the Port Stephens-Hunter Police District said, “The vast majority of these crimes are from unsecured vehicles with items left inside.

“My message to everyone is, please lock your cars up.

“Don’t leave items visible in your car or in your vehicle especially if they’re valuable.”

The commander said the Police department has a number of tip on type offenses, including PayWay fraud that, “not only cause distress to the victims, but also impact on local businesses as well.”

Another offense type that has recently become frequent in the Port Stephens district, especially around tourist areas, are stolen bicycles.

“Our police recovered eight stolen push bikes at a hotel at Fingal Bay, these totalled value around the $50,000 mark including a couple of eBikes.

“Since then, they have all been returned to their rightful owner, but ultimately we’re still investigating and calling for anyone with information about who may be involved in these type of offences to contact Crime Stoppers or your local police,” Detective Superintendent Chad Gillies said.

The Port Stephens-Hunter Police District reminds all citizens to, “Remove all property from view, especially mobile telephones, clothing, bags and money in consoles when you leave the car – either take it with you or lock it in the boot.

“Do not leave personal papers such as license or registration in your motor vehicle.

“They may be used by the thief to dispose of your motor vehicle.

“For bicycles, buy a good quality lock.

“D-locks or combination locks are best.

“Always lock both wheels and keep the lock off the ground.”



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