Motorfest 2016 raises funds and cheques presented to beneficiaries

On Sunday 20 March the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Motor Club Motor Club Executive, represented by Vice President Juergen Seil, Treasurer Graham

Hawks Nest Motor Club Cheque presentation
Helmut Panhuber, Ian Dunlop, Juergen Seil, Annie Fowler, Phil Hoare, Graham Kelly.

Kelly and Secretary Phil Hoare presented cheques to representatives of the Motorfest 2016 beneficiaries.

Members of the Motor Club, the RSF in Tea Gardens, the Surf Life Saving Club and the Clinic Bus were also present.

Rural Fire Service (RFS) member Helmut Panhuber welcomed everyone to the ceremony which was held at the RFS Headquarters in Tea Gardens.

Juergen Seil spoke on behalf of Motor Club President Ross Anderson who was unable to attend the function.

Juergen briefly outlined the history of Motorfest and the aims of the Motor Club in running the Mortorfest Community Aid Event Day.

Hawks Nest Golf Club
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He stated that Motorfest was primarily an event that allowed enthusiasts to display their classic, unique, vintage and veteran vehicles so that funding raised through raffles, local business donations and sponsorship could be given to those local Community Organisations that in turn assisted the residents in Tea Gardens Hawks Nest and local surrounds.

The ceremony was followed by a BBQ Lunch hosted by members of the Rural Fire Services.

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