Myall Coast Vets results by Tony Smith

A Grade winner Brian Calverley.


Myall Coast Vets

Stableford. 31/10/2019.

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Monthly Mug.

A Grade.

1. Brian Calverley 38
2. Ian Richardson 37 c/b
3. David Brailey 37
4. Fred Bennett 36 c/b
5. John Lashwood 36 c/b

B Grade.

1. Grahame Brydon 43
2. Grant Watson 41
3. Robert Dorman 39
4. Graham Benson 38
5. Keith Harvey 37 c/b

C Grade.

1. Des Pagett 43
2. Don Henderson 38
3. Darrell Peters 36 c/b
4. Andrew Docherty 36 c/b
5. Len Eardley 36

10th A. John Lashwood B. Pat Nugent C. Adrian Ryan
16th A. Graeme Bramley B. Graham Benson C. John Warne

Balls To. A. 32 c/b B. 32 c/b C. 32 c/b




B Grade winner Grahame Brydon.


C Grade winner Des Pagett.

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