Myall University of the Third Age welcomes new and old students for 2021: Enrolment Day 22 January

University of the Third Age student enrolment and registration day is Friday 22 January from 10.00 am to 13.30pm at the Hawks Nest Community Hall (pictured). Please wear a mask.


TAKE time this year to learn something new at the Myall University of the Third Age (U3A).

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If you enjoy learning and meeting like-minded people, all you need to do is become a member of the local U3A family and participate.

Student Enrolment and Registration Day is Friday 22 January from 10.00 am to 13.30pm at the Hawks Nest Community Hall.

The course convenors will all be there to share insights into the upcoming exciting 2021 program.

This includes courses in Art, French Language and Culture (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced), Film, Italian, Garden and Nature, Philosophy, Photography, Reading for Pleasure, Social Change across the Lifetime, Opera in the Afternoon, and Writers and Writing Critique Groups.

Due to COVID-19 constraints, the River Radio Theatre and Myall U3A Choir will start later in the year.

Lyn Chaikin, the Myall U3A Publicity Officer, told NOTA, “Enrol in our stimulating and fun courses which all provide the opportunity to build knowledge in a relaxed and collegial atmosphere.

“There are no exams, so no pressure.

“New and old members are very welcome to come along, enjoy the courses, and meet others with a common interest.

“You also have the option to give a presentation or lead a course.

“The most important thing is that people stretch their grey matter and enjoy the company of other members.”

The U3A is a not-for-profit group and members volunteer to conduct the courses and give presentations.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions last year, the fee for returning members has been reduced to $30.00.

The fee for new members will be $40.00.

Online registration and payment are preferred and available at and bring your receipt on the day.

However, if not an option, bring an envelope with your name and address clearly printed on the front, containing the correct cash payment.

The U3A is a global organisation which began in France when Toulouse University conducted a study into gerontology which is the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.

It confirmed that older people possess knowledge and experience that can be shared and in doing so, their own lives (and others) are enriched.

Subsequently, the first U3A was formed under the auspices of Cambridge University, United Kingdom, in 1982.

The first Australian U3A also commenced in 1982.

The Myall U3A was constituted in 1993 under the auspices of the University of Newcastle.

Please note that all attendees at registration day are required to comply with COVID-19 safety constraints and wear a mask.


By Lyn ChaikIn and Sandra Murray

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