Nambucca River VIEW Club elects 2024 committee

(Back row) Vice President/Delegate Elizabeth Newman, Secretary Marion Watts, Treasurer Shirley Lamberth, Area Advisor Cynthia Guyenette, Committee Assistant Dina Wallbank, President Lyn McGuigan, Publicity Officer Janne Henn, (front row) Committee Assistant Sue Kempton, Committee Assistant Robin Blidy and Welfare Officer Jennifer Hurley.

THE Nambucca River VIEW Club has been busy organising for another eventful and rewarding year, announcing a new look committee for 2024.

The new committee consists of President Lyn McGuigan, Vice President/Delegate Elizabeth Newman, Secretary Marion Watts, Treasurer Shirley Lamberth, Area Advisor Cynthia Guyenette, Publicity Officer Janne Henn, Committee Assistants Sue Kempton, Robin Blidy and Dina Wallbank, and Welfare Officer Jennifer Hurley.

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Importantly, the committee will support the important services provided by The Smith Family.

The cost of living is rising again and consequently more people are struggling to keep their heads above water.

For some, providing for their children’s educational needs is becoming a challenge that they cannot meet alone.

“The Smith Family has long been aware that a good education is the best way out of disadvantage and can be the difference between a positive future or a repeating cycle where hope becomes a distant dream,” said a Nambucca River VIEW Club spokesperson.

“That is why The Smith Family’s focus is on providing the funds and support needed to assist children who may otherwise fall through the cracks, to stay in school and thrive.

“VIEW Clubs are major supporters of this goal.”

Allied with The Smith Family, VIEW Clubs help supply the funds required to continue this work with their fundraising efforts.

The members of Nambucca River VIEW Club think of themselves as ‘The Ladies Who Lunch…With a Purpose’.

This is because they meet monthly for lunch, friendship and laughs knowing that their joint contributions and funds raised, whether through their regular raffles or other fun events during the year, are providing a brighter future for the children they sponsor.

“In this way, much can be achieved with remarkably little effort from individual members.

“In numbers there is strength.”

Nambucca River VIEW Club is always keen to welcome new members and extends an open invitation to women of all ages to become a part of this valuable organisation.

There are VIEW Clubs all across the country, always willing to welcome members from other areas.

Some members have enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship of VIEW Clubs for 40 and 50 years.

Whether you are 20 or 90, if you enjoy the fellowship of other women and like to have a bit of fun while supporting a worthy cause, then you are encouraged to contact Lyn at Nambucca River VIEW Club for more information, or to attend an obligation-free lunch meeting.

Phone 0423 386 230.

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