National Touch League returns to C.ex Stadium as South Queensland Sharks dominate the Open competitions

Sydney Rebels against the Western Hunter Hornets on Day 1 of the Women’s Open.


115 TEAMS from across Australia descended to Coffs Harbour’s C.ex Stadium for the Inferno National Touch League (NTL) where over a thousand players competed in the Open, Masters and All Abilities (for people with a disability) divisions over a four day period.

It was a stellar tournament for the South Queensland Sharks who won the Men’s Open, Women’s Open and Mixed Open.

NTL CEO Jamie O’Connor was excited to be back at the Stadium after last year’s absence and emphasised the community nature of the sport.

“I’m excited to be back, it’s almost a year to the day since Covid hit Australia and we saw some impact with restrictions, a year has gone quickly and it’s nice to be back in our community, to have people from around the country to return to Coffs and celebrate what’s great about our sport and that’s the community.

“All divisions, all age groups, all demographics, the beauty of the sport is you can play with family and friends of all different ages and backgrounds and it allows you to come together as a group,” said O’Connor.

Councillor Denise Knight highlighted the commercial benefits to the local economy.

“It’s pumping four million dollars into the economy but it’s also saying we’re open for business.

“Our tourism numbers are leaping ahead, our sporting numbers are leaping ahead,” said Knight.




Sydney Rebels on the attack.

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