Nature-based projects receive funding from Council’s Environment Levy Grants

Park Beach Dunecare site coordinator Michael Deegan, whose group will work on the Park Beach Littoral Rainforest project.

SEVEN nature-based projects focused on protection, education, regeneration and rehabilitation have been allocated funding through Round 2 of the City of Coffs Harbour (CoCH) Council’s Environmental Levy Grants, totalling $81,355.

“The program funds a combination of major City strategic projects and initiatives and community-based projects, which collectively deliver on the environmental objectives found in the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan,” CoCH Director City Infrastructure, Andrew Beswick told News Of The Area.

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“The City recognises the importance of this program to help protect, restore and enhance spaces through City and community projects.”

The successful projects will now be included in the 2023-24 Operational Plan.

Four projects will be run by Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare:
– Focus on native flora and fauna, $19,620
– Korora Landcare Nest Box Project, $5,460
– Park Beach Littoral Rainforest, $3,600
– Macro-invertebrates in focus, $5,475.

Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare President Barry Powells told NOTA, his organisation was “extremely grateful” to have access to “such targeted funding”.

The Coffs Regional Community Gardens Association will receive $17,400 for sustainability workshops.

The Nana Glen Landcare Group will receive $5,000 for an invertebrate water study of local waterways.

The Coffs Coast Branch of the National Parks Association has been granted $25,000 for citizen science ecological education for local community volunteers.

“The Environmental Levy Grants Program plays a vital role in funding projects that positively impact Coffs Harbour’s local environment and community,” said City of Coffs Harbour Mayor Cr Paul Amos.

“It’s great to see a range of projects receive funding, whether for doing work in the natural environment or educating the community to get better outcomes for our community.”

City of Coffs Harbour introduced the Environmental Levy as a means of undertaking environmental management works.

The levy currently raises around $1.3 million per annum for local environmental works at an average annual cost of $44 per rate payer.

The Environmental Levy is allocated in two streams.

75 percent of the fund is allocated to Major Strategic Projects and 25 percent to the Environmental Levy Grants program.

Under the program, grants are available to community organisations for projects starting from 1 July each financial year, worth between $2,000 and $25,000 per project.

The objectives of the Environmental Levy Grants Program are to ensure that the allocation of Environmental Levy funds support the achievement of the MyCoffs Community Strategic Plan for a natural environment sustained for the future; to protect the diversity of our natural environment and to use resources responsibly to support a safe and stable climate.

The MyCoffs Community vision of ‘connected, sustainable, thriving’, is set out in the plan’s goals and priorities for the city over the next ten years and beyond.

It centres around four themes: Community Wellbeing, Community Prosperity, A Place for Community and Sustainable Community Leadership.

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Korora Landcare volunteers keen to press on with their Nest Box project.

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