Nelson Bay Golf Club Results

Nelson Bay Golf Club Results

Highlights of the week:

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Congratulations to Colin Chalkley, taking out B Grade winner in Wednesday’s Men’s Stableford competition with a score of 47 points.

Congratulations to Colin Chalkley, taking out C Grade winner in Saturday’s Men’s Stableford competition with a score of 46 points.

Men’s Handiskins Final, Saturday 26 Nov: Congratulations to Peter Elliott who scooped the pool, to Josh Rimmer who got a handful of the winnings, Steve Parrott who took his share of the pool and finally to Neil Lembcke, who got enough to pay for his round.

Competition Results for the period

SUNDAY 20 Nov: Men’s Club Championships Final Round Club Champion A Grade: Peter Gibson 227.

A Grade runner-up: Connor Benjamin 231.

A Grade Net Winner: Peter Gibson 209.

A Grade Net Runner-up: Peter Sutton 214.

B Grade Champion: Eric Kidd 262 (Winner by play-off).

B Grade runner-up: Chris Mawson 262. B Grade Net Winner: Malcolm Baker 209.

B Grade Net Runner-up: Steve Fogwill 216.

C Grade Champion: Sam Cockburn 278.

C Grade runner-up: Doug Dohnt 284.

C Grade Net Winner: Ian Edmunds 216.

C Grade Net Runner-up: Michael Trigas 217.

Senior Champion: Peter Sutton 241.

Junior Champion: Connor Benjamin 231.

Ladies Stableford: Div 1: Winner Deborah Childs 34.

Div 2: Winner Denise Ball 39.

Men’s Stableford: A Grade: Winner Robert Garner 35. B Grade: Winner Peter Anicich 40.

C Grade: Winner Peter Collins 38.

MONDAY 21 Nov: Vets 9 hole Competition Stableford: Div 1: Winner Wayne Marriott 29, Runner-up Marcel Chollet 27. Div 2: Winner Wayne Livermore 29, Runner-up Don McDonald 28.

TUESDAY 22 Nov: Ladies’ President vs Captain Matchplay pairs: New President Bev Carvers’ team prevailed topping the Captain’s team by 2 games

WEDNESDAY 23 Nov: C1 Men’s Individual Stableford sponsored by TaylorMade: A Grade: Winner Ross Lalor 42, Runner-up Ray Wright 41 c/b, Third place Peter Murray 41; B Grade: Winner Geoffrey Wardle 43, Runner-up Dave Flatt 41, Third place Graham Hendricks 39; C Grade: Winner Max Fernance 43, Runner-up Karl Jorgensen 40 c/b, Third place Peter Henry 40.

C2 Men’s Individual Stableford sponsored by TaylorMade: A Grade: Winner Dennis Knight 39, Runner-up Peter Metham 38, Third place Nev Stanfield 37; B Grade: Winner Colin Chalkley 47, Runner-up Jamie Keating 45, Third place Jim Wood 40; C Grade: Winner Eddy Luke 43, Runner-up Charlie Haggett 42, Third place Russ Finnerty 40.

THURSDAY 24 Nov: Ladies’ Vice President vs Vice Captain Matchplay pairs: Vice Captain Pam Norman’s team got their revenge for Tuesday’s defeat with a 1 game advantage.

FRIDAY 25 Nov: Ladies Stableford: Winner Kathy Edmunds 37, Runner-up Heather Read 37.

Men’s Stableford: A Grade: Winner David Rann 38, Runner-up Niel Bowling 35; B Grade: Winner Phil Rogan 43, Runner-up John Evans 41; C Grade: Winner Lars Tunell 42, Runner-up Geffrey Ashton 41.

SATURDAY 26 Nov: C1 Mens Handiskins Final: Winner Peter Elliott, Runner-up Steve Parrott, Third Place.

C1 Mens Stableford: A Grade: Winner John Trouncer (vis) 45, Runner-up Scott Quinn 38; B Grade: Winner Dave Flatt 41, Runner-up Jeremy Ridgeway 40; C Grade: Winner Philip Richmond 43, Runner-up Alan Bealing 40.

C1 Mens 4BBB Stableford in conjunction: P. Richmond + T. Watson 50.

C2 Men’s Stableford: A Grade: Winner Ron Castles 39 c/b, Runner-up Brian Tomlins 39; B Grade: Winner Col Cooper 38 c/b, Runner-up Mick Reagan 38; C Grade:Winner Garry Jones 46, Runner-up Norman Cousins 42.

C2 Mens 4BBB Stableford in conjunction: S. Jones + G. Jones 51.

Nelson Bay Golf Club
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