New Australian Citizens Join Port Stephens Community

Meryl Swanson welcomed the new Australian Citizens to Port Stephens. Photo: Marian Sampson.


EVERY year as a part of the Port Stephens Australia Day formalities we welcome new citizens to Australia.

These people are a part of what makes Australia great, our history of immigration and multiculturalism is a story which is woven together and told in our families and communities.

We celebrate heritage and recognise our similarities and differences.

In becoming citizens of Australia, we become one.

We salute our nation and we respect all our people equally.

Mayor Ryan Palmer said, “Australia Day is about coming together and to be receiving your Australian citizenship is a very special and memorable day.

“We are welcoming people from right across the world as citizens in Port Stephens,” he said.

Port Stephens newest Australian’s certainly add to our cultural diversity with our newest citizens coming from Bangladesh, Argentina, The Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom, Chile, Scotland, Peru, India, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Thailand.

Meryl Swanson spoke at the Australia Day citizenship and Australia Day ceremony.

“For some it is a start of another year, for those taking up your citizenship today, it is part of taking up your Australian journey and that is so exciting, we welcome you, we have such a diverse country and that diversity makes us stronger.”

Meryl Swanson reflected that on the Australian Coat of Arms we have the kangaroo and the emu, the only two animals in Australia that cannot move backwards.

As Australian’s we can’t go backwards and let’s move forwards in the spirit of hope, endeavour, reconciliation and love.

“Congratulations to everybody who is becoming an Australian Citizen,” she said.




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