New coaches hired as part of the Medowie Tennis Club revival

Tennis coaches Blake Dennison and Saskia Maurishat at The Medowie Tennis Club.


THE tennis club at Medowie is all set for a resurgence of line calls and volleys as new coaches join the team to promote the sport in the area.

The Medowie Tennis Club currently has around 30 members and hope that the new coaches coming on board will attract more seniors, parents and children to join and learn how to play the game.

There are also opportunities for residents at new housing estates in and around Medowie to join the tennis club and expand their social contact with residents from the wider area.

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The members of the club are very pleased to have been able to attract the new coach Blake Dennison, who also coaches at Nelson Bay Tennis Club.

Also new on the coaching team is Saskia Maurishat.

Nicky Palmer is just one member of the Medowie Tennis Club that loves to serve up the goods.

She told News Of The Area, “For me the biggest benefits of being involved with the tennis club is the social side of it.

“Tennis is a very social sport which promotes a healthy lifestyle that is outside in the fresh air,” she said.

For children playing tennis there are many benefits.

Tennis Australia tells us that Tennis is equally mental as it is physical, therefore promoting both strong psychological and physiological development.

They recommend starting playing in the primary school and early-secondary school years are a crucial time during which children acquire coordination and complex technical skills.

If children play several games or sports during this period they enjoy significant physical advantages over kids who don’t experience or engage with sport.

Tennis develops hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, fine motor control, balance and body coordination, while building acceleration, speed, leg strength, agility and flexibility.

From a psychological standpoint, children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court.

Because they’re out there on their own, and often calling their own lines while competing, children learn to accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes, and can begin to manage these more effectively.

Tennis fosters work ethic, discipline, and sportsmanship in children, and hones their strategic and problem solving skills.

Tennis also develops social skills – children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from the necessary communication with singles opponents before, during and after matches.

Playing tennis also gives someone else the opportunity to have a hit, which research shows can be just as satisfying as playing.

There are tennis clubs in most suburbs and towns throughout the region, it’s easy to get connected with a club – and your local community – and start enjoying the social benefits that tennis can provide.

For information on local clubs, or to book a court for a hit (and maybe a giggle) across Port Stephens visit



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