NSW floods: free land titling support for property owners affected by flooding


NSW Land Registry Services (NSW LRS) will make title searches, replacement Certificates of Title and plan images free for property owners affected by flooding in NSW.

Property searches and plans can assist landholders with insurance claims and development applications to council, as well as provide peace of mind regarding land ownership in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Adam Bennett, NSW Land Registry Services CEO, said having fast and free access to land titles could help bring peace of mind to affected property owners when the clean-up starts.

“We are seeing widespread flood damage to properties across NSW, our team are here to help property owners to access their lost or damaged land titles for free.

“NSW Land Registry Services encourage affected landowners to contact our team so we can do what we can to provide titling support as they start to rebuild their lives, homes and properties.”

This support will be provided direct by NSW LRS when property owners contact our team on 1300 396 076 (regional callers) or (02) 8776 3575.

Support for affected customers

If you have been affected by the recent floods in NSW and would benefit from access to land and property information from the land titles register, please call our Contact Centre on 1300 396 076 (regional callers) or (02) 8776 3575 and we can discuss how best to assist you.

NSW LRS operates the land titles register on behalf of the NSW Government.

This register holds essential information about properties across the state.

Information on this register is available for landowners to view through land and property information searches.

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