OPINION: Are electric buses a risk to pedestrians and cyclists?


DEAR News Of The Area,

YOUR article on electric buses (‘Electric Bus Trial’, Coffs Coast News Of The Area, March 5 Edition, p9) was very good with one exception.

Your reference to the lack of noise, both inside and outside an electric bus (and indeed all future motor cars and trucks) does not take into account the safety to pedestrians and bicycle riders.

It is vitally important that all fully electric vehicles, especially buses exude some sort of noise as a gentle warning to other road users.

I suggest that rather than an engine or siren type of noise, some form of music be sounded from the outside of the bus.

Indeed this could also act as a type of promotion for the bus company.

There you are—something to carefully consider as part of our future.


Lindsay MOULDEN,

Pedestrian, bike rider, car driver and public transport user.

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