OPINION: Foreshores fix can offer tourism boost

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE revitalisation of the Jetty Foreshores will provide the much needed boost to what was once the major economic driver of the Coffs Harbour economy, being tourism.

It has been over 30 years since the tourism offering in Coffs Harbour has seen any new accommodation offered.

Many of our residential rental properties have been taken out of the rental pool and turned into Airbnb short term holiday homes, creating a disastrous shortage of places for those trying to find somewhere to live.

Hervey Bay has a new Sheraton Hotel to provide modern tourist accommodation for visitors, with over 200 rooms.

What do we offer tourists?

Not a lot.

The planning required which accompanies the revitalisation of the Jetty Foreshores will address issues such as traffic movement and parking.

We see the extent of these studies every time Development Applications come before Council.

I remember quite clearly when Port Macquarie was the poor relative of Coffs Harbour, but those positions have now clearly changed.

Our future generations deserve to enjoy even better employment opportunities locally than what has been offered in the past.

Memories can be very short.

How many can recall the industrial sheds, the fuel and cement depots, trucks coming and going, most of the freight arriving by train, all in exactly the same spot as where the revitalisation is planned to occur.

Rodger PRYCE,

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