OPINION: Paying the price for climate inaction


DEAR News Of The Area,

WHO will pay for the massive and extensive flooding on our east coast over the past week?

And who is paying for the most extensive bushfire event in memory only a year earlier?

The economic burden to taxpayers is enormous and don’t forget the heartache and trauma these events inflict on the victims.

There is a huge environmental cost too.

These extreme and more frequent weather events are a result of the compounding costs of climate inaction.
Science has told us this would happen.

The Australian Government has failed to substantially reduce emissions over the past decade.

It has continued to promote the burning of coal and gas that is a major cause of climate change. What we see from most of our leaders is a policy of delay.

We need bold, concerted action across all levels of government, business, industry and community to reduce Australia’s emissions to net zero as soon as possible, and prepare for worsening extreme weather events.


Russell CHIFFEY,

Coffs Harbour.

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