Port Stephens FM honour long term friend Betty McTackett

Port Stephens FM President Paddy Twohill, John McTackett, Chris Ireland, Graham Logan, Jason McTackett and Eden Turner in studio A.


ON April 1 2021, Port Stephens FM will pay tribute to long-term listener Betty McTackett through the installation of a plaque on the door of the station’s Studio A.

Prior to Betty’s passing in December 2020, she had a close to 20-year relationship with the station, first as a listener and regular caller, and later as a member and a firm friend to all.

Port Stephens FM President Paddy Twohill, said he is proud to be able to honour Betty’s memory in this way.

He recalls fondly the friendship he and many of his colleagues enjoyed with the delightful Betty over the years.

“We first connected in the early 2000’s, when she found out about our station, and thought ‘you beauty, I like listening to them’.”

“She would ring the presenters up every day, not only to talk to but to have a real conversation as she was a great listener as well.

“I think all of the presenters found her very engaging,” Paddy said.

Aside from her penchant for a chat, Betty had an insatiable passion for music.

“She loved music very, very deeply, she was a real music lover,” Paddy said.

“Music was her connection to the world and she saw music as a gift from heaven.”

Over the years, the station’s presenters benefited from Betty’s kindness, compassion and her sense of humour.

At Betty’s funeral it was said that when Betty was around seven years old, she took great delight in giving supplies and water to soldiers stationed on her property during WW2.

Through her interactions with the station, it is clear this caring quality continued throughout her life.

“She would ask you things about your life, and about your family,” said Paddy.

“She would remember if you had been low the previous week, and check if you were feeling better.

“She really cared for everyone,” he said.

The plaque, which will be hung on April 1 to mark the 28tth anniversary of the station, reads, ‘This studio is dedicated to the memory of Betty McTackett. Music lover, avid listener, dedicated supporter and friend to all of us here at Port Stephens FM. Music comes from heaven.’

The plaque will be set on a pink background, as a tribute to the colour of her hair that Betty, as a hairdresser by trade, wore until her passing at 86 years old.





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