Port Stephens Residents’ New Year’s Resolutions

2019 has brought about many challenges and origins of reflection for the people of Port Stephens and their governing bodies.

From the impacts of the red zone catastrophe in Williamtown still playing out.

To the resolve of the community push against bureaucracy to oppose new developments across the Peninsula that would heavily impact livelihoods and the environment.

The population here along the eastern seaboard of Australia punches well above its empathetic weight in helping those affected by personal hardships, environmental disasters and medical emergencies.

Here’s what the constituents of Port Stephens invision for their leaders to act on in 2020 to continue that trend and to set new ones on local engagement.

Richard Maxwell, Shoal Bay.

“It would be nice to see crucial infrastructure completed and facilities improved for the youth of this region. They’ve been neglected for long enough,” Richard Maxwell, Shoal Bay.


Karl Weiss, Salt Ash.

“I’d like to see our politicians do what they’re paid to do and look after the people and places affected by systematic climate change,” Karl Weiss, Salt Ash.


Alita Knaggs, Nelson Bay.

“I’d like to see the return of the ocean baths for the community and our airport expanded instead of the link road to Fingal Bay to boost international visitation,” Alita Knaggs, Nelson Bay.



Joel Pettit, Nelson Bay.

“It’s time our youth and homeless services got the funding they deserve across the local, State and Federal areas of Government,” Joel Pettit, Nelson Bay.



Nadine Mills, Fingal Bay.

“It would be great to see better parking and the amenities improved along the foreshore at Fingal Bay. Especially at Kiddies Corner,” Nadine Mills, Fingal Bay.


Joshua Purnell, Anna Bay.

“I’ve got three things I want our leaders in power to work towards and that’s to act with more humility, empathy and integrity to instill trust back into our democratic processes,” Joshua Purnell, Anna Bay.



Ned Hoswell, Soldiers Point.

“An honest conversation on climate change and the policies and courage to address it,” Ned Hoswell, Soldiers Point.



Ashleigh Parkes, Salamander Bay.

“A focus on developing the arts in our local area with more funding for community groups with outlets for young kids and their families,” Ashleigh Parkes, Salamander Bay.



Darren James, Shoal Bay.

“It’s time to look after our own backyard and help all Australians doing it tough first and foremost,” Darren James, Shoal Bay.



Anthony Finch, Corlette.

“In 2020 I’d like to see a move to protect our local environment and way of life from developers. We don’t want your Tomaree gondola or casino here. Keep it in Sydney,” Anthony Finch, Nelson Bay.



Sami Cooke, Brandy Hill.

“One main thing I hope for our governing bodies to accomplish in 2020 is to foster inclusion and unity in our communities across Australia,” Sami Cooke, Brandy Hill.



Marian Sampson, Nelson Bay.

“To see people embrace everything that is Port Stephens. From utilising the natural assets of Tomaree Headland to using our waterways in an enjoyable and environmentally conscious way,” Marian Sampson, Nelson Bay.




“My resolution is to continue to work together with our community to achieve our shared vision of a great lifestyle in Port Stephens. The amazing community spirit on display during the 7 Day Makeover at Anna Bay is a great example of Council working hand in hand with the community and I’d love to see even more of this in 2020,” Ryan Palmer, Nelson Bay.


By Mitch LEES


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