Progress Association president celebrated for contribution to Bonny Hills community

Newly elected Bonny Hills Progress Association President Paul Poleweski with former President Roger Barlow with the artwork provided as a gift to Roger.

THE Bonny Hills Progress Association (BHPA) has celebrated the tireless contributions of Roger Barlow as the group’s president over the past fifteen years.

Members of the Progress Association, along with representatives from other Bonny Hills community groups and businesses, enjoyed a barbeque at the town’s community hall on Sunday 25 May.

Following the socialising and eating, tribute was paid to Roger’s immense impact on the Bonny Hills community over many years.

“In this volunteer role Roger has given freely of his time and led a community group which is cohesive and effective in its collaborative approach to community issues,” BHPA committee member Kathy Regan told News Of The Area.

“Acknowledgement was made of Roger’s unwavering commitment to the community of Bonny Hills and his steadfast approach to being involved, boots and all.

“It is readily recognized that if a challenging job is to be done Roger will be there doing it before he expects someone else to take up the role.”

Kathy said visible signs of the Progress Association’s impact can be readily seen throughout Bonny Hills, and “all of these have a Roger stamp on them”.

“Pathways, safety measures along the roads, playgrounds and picnic tables, recreational areas, conservation, beautification and restoration are evident wherever we look.”

She also highlighted Roger’s long-time relationship with Council.

“Roger has been a staunch advocate for Bonny Hills and he has also gained the respect of those in Port Macquarie Hastings Council.

“He keeps the pressure on where it counts in measured doses and takes the tough line when needed.

“He has also gained the respect of other community groups who often seek his input on matters around grants and issues in dealing with Council.”

During the event, a commissioned painting by local artist Brian Barker was presented to Roger as a thankyou gift.

Titled ‘Chatter’, the watercolour features glossy black cockatoos, Roger’s favourite birds, gathered in a casuarina tree.

In turn, Roger acknowledged the teamwork within the Progress Association and the range of issues being covered. “He hands the baton to newly elected President Paul Poleweski, but won’t be leaving the team as he fills the role of Vice President, ensuring that his knowledge and experience is still there to be shared,” Kathy said.

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