Bonny Hills Rural Fire Service station reopens amid community celebrations

Bonny Hills RFS volunteers celebrate with Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams.

THE community of Bonny Hills came together this past Saturday to celebrate the long-awaited reopening of their Rural Fire Service (RFS) station.

The event, held on a windy and wet day, underscored the deep value residents place on their local volunteers and the crucial role they play in ensuring community safety.

Planning for the much-needed upgrades began over five years ago, with the renovation project taking approximately three years to complete.

The effort to modernise the station gained significant momentum following the devastating 2019/20 bushfires.

In response to the destruction, the brigade successfully secured a grant from the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund.

Demonstrating remarkable community spirit and dedication, the brigade also raised an impressive $100,000 through their own fundraising initiatives.

The Bonny Hills RFS station, which originally opened in 1977 as a single shed, received a previous update in 1999.

This latest overhaul marks another milestone in the station’s history, enhancing its capacity to serve the community more effectively.

“This has been quite extraordinary in the way it began,” Brigade Captain Glenn Dunn reflected on the journey.

Mr Dunn highlighted the importance of the project not just for its immediate benefits, but for its long-term impact.

“It’s the beginning of the future for Bonny Hills.

“I think it’s going to be an extraordinary journey from now,” he added.

A significant focus for the brigade moving forward is engaging more young people with the RFS.

Developing a succession plan is crucial as current older members look to pass on their responsibilities to the next generation.

The celebration drew a diverse crowd, including several RFS dignitaries, representatives from neighbouring brigades, and Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams.

The packed station was a testament to the community’s support and the high regard in which they hold their local RFS volunteers.

The reopening of the Bonny Hills RFS station not only marks the completion of a significant infrastructure project but also heralds a new chapter in the brigade’s history, one that promises to continue the legacy of service and community protection well into the future.


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