Public called on to report cane toad sightings on the Coffs Coast

Locals are asked to look for and report any cane toad sightings in the region, after the pest was spotted at Emerald Beach. Photo: North Coast Local Land Services.


LOCALS are being asked to keep an eye out for cane toads in the Coffs Coast region, with recent sightings of the invasive pest at Emerald Beach.

North Coast Local Land Services has received reports of cane toads at the wetland by Look At Me Now Headland, Emerald Beach, and is now calling on the public to check for toads and report any possible sightings.

The organisation issued the call on its Facebook page and stated “cane toads are a serious invasive pest, which could have devastating impacts on local biodiversity if allowed to establish in the region”.

The best time to look for cane toads is on warm rainy nights or in spots they may be sheltering during the day or cool weather.

Always where gloves and protective eyewear.

If you think you have found a toad, catch it and place it in a container with air holes and some water.

Then photograph the toad and report it to NSW DPI Biosecurity using their online reporting form at or email

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