Rick Wraight Tea Gardens opinion on the Jetty Time Limit


Dear News Of The Area,

May I offer the following to add to Jeff Shining Opinion article headed ‘Jetty Time Limit’ ( NOTA page 5 23/01/20 )
Whilst totally endorsing Jeff’s factual description of our two wonderful Myall River boating mooring facilities here in Tea Gardens I wonder why the same approach to time limits etc was not taken as the public pontoons on the Clarence River at Maclean.

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We moored overnight there 2 months ago after taking these photos.

The Tea Gardens facility has rarely ( if ever) been full to the point of denying berthing to incoming vessels as I see the pontoons from our home and can vouch for this comment.

The only challenge as Jeff points out is craft not mooring appropriately thus not allowing multiply berthing spaces.

As to the identity of the ‘jetty mooring complainant’ I believe I have personally encountered this person. I was told that ‘ Tea Gardens didn’t welcome large boats from the side of Port Stephens as they took up all the room’.

This was said pointing to our boat whom I reminded this person that I am a 40+ year Tea Garden resident .

That meant nothing and I was told in no uncertain terms to limit my stay to the prescribed 2 hours.

Very unfriendly and should I have been a visiting boat owner I would have not returned (another reason why the pontoons are empty maybe??)

Rick Wraight
Tea Gardens


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