Safety first, fish second: Essential tips for Camden Haven anglers

Camden Haven Monster: Scott Sherringham reels in a massive mulloway.

THE Mid North Coast braces for another week of challenging weather.

Strong southerly winds and swells reaching up to three meters are expected, making offshore fishing difficult and potentially dangerous.

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Bar conditions will likely be hazardous, so prioritising safety is paramount.

Always check the latest weather reports before heading out and never take unnecessary risks.

However, for anglers willing to adapt their plans, the rivers and coastline offer exciting opportunities.

In the Camden Haven this week, drummer are thriving at Perpendicular Point, with some impressive catches reported.

Rock fishing anglers even enjoyed a surprise encounter with longtail tuna.

Those targeting snapper offshore found success using light tackle.

Once the weather settles, expect snapper action to pick up on the inshore reefs.

Soft plastics and vibes will be your best bet for these bottom feeders.

In the Hastings River, luderick activity has slowed down in the lower reaches, but the breakwalls are still worth exploring.

Try using green weed or sea cabbage bait for a chance to hook one. Bream fishing has improved significantly, with Limeburners Creek offering good catches.

Fresh yabbies and mullet gut are proving to be effective baits for these tasty fish.

Flathead remain consistent between Settlement Point and Rawdon Island, with lures and whitebait working well.

Looking ahead with calmer conditions, offshore fishing should see an increase in kingfish numbers.

Live bait will be your best bet to tempt these hard-fighting fish.

Snapper are still biting, and lures are consistently attracting the larger specimens.

For those fishing the protected corners, don’t overlook the potential of fishing from the rocks and beaches.

Point Plomer and Queens Head have produced some impressive drummer catches.

Bream fishing near the lighthouse has been decent, with early morning sessions proving most successful.

Safety first, remember, safety is always the top priority when fishing.

Don’t let your excitement cloud your judgment. Here are some key safety tips:
● Always prioritise your safety. Lost tackle or snagged fish aren’t worth risking your life for.
● Wear a life jacket when fishing from a boat, on rock ledges, or near fast-moving water.
● Consider non-slip shoes for better footing on wet surfaces.
● Be prepared to help others in distress. If someone falls in, throw them a floatable object and call 000 immediately.
● Plan ahead. Check the weather and water conditions before you go fishing and let someone know where you’ll be and when you expect to be back.

By being prepared, adapting your plans and prioritising safety, you can still have a successful and enjoyable fishing trip on the Mid North Coast this week.


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