Sandra Clark and Sandra Murray writing for the News Of The Area (Nota)

Sandra Murray.


NEWS Of The Area has been serving and ‘championing’ the local community for over 40 years; Proudly delivering readers current news, happenings, information and results.

Originally set up by the local community, the newspaper has gone through many formats and publishers.

Eventually ‘Rural Press’ successfully managed the paper and later ‘Fairfax’, who ultimately saw closing the paper down a better option.

Knowing how important this paper was to/for the community, local people assisted keeping it going; Ann Sully being pivotal to its drive.

Passionate for the paper’s continuation was (now) publisher Michael Wright, who is still behind the scene editing, designing and formatting the paper each week before ‘the button is pushed’ to send it to the Press.

“I don’t get to see many people in a front-end capacity, but we have abolutely brilliant people who live right within the community, out and about, writing the community’s news.”

Mr Wright said, “If if wasn’t for these people, so passionate about the community, the paper would struggle.”

On that note, the paper has yet another experienced and passionate person who lives in the area, now writing for the NOTA.

“We now have two Sandra’s writing,” Mr Wright said.

Sandra Clark, who has already been writing for some months now, entered semi-retirement in June 2019.

She and her husband have been calling Tea Gardens their home for the past six years due to the fact that Sandra had been holidaying in the area as a teenager. Her parents have also enjoyed living in Tea Gardens for the past twenty two years.

With a background in sales and marketing combined with a love of people, Sandra will bring hands on skills and experience which will enhance her stories when writing for the paper.

News Of The Area asked Sandra how she felt about writing for the local paper and she said, “People make a community and my experience here so far has found genuine, caring residents who enjoy positive, vibrant engagement – each contributing to this community.”

“I believe that the area should be proud of its people and their attitude to the high involvement in community events and activities.”

Enter Sandra Murray who recently returned to Tea Gardens with her family from working in Canberra, attesting to her Hawks Nest origins as a descendent of the local Cole family who settled here in 1926.

Sandra who has had a career in justice, national security and defence, started out as a young Federal Officer in Redfern in 1990 and has an extensive background in government and academic reporting and writing.

When News Of The Area asked Sandra about her thoughts on being back in Tea Gardens, she said, “I love the quiet natural beauty, the sea and the river and, of course, our people.

“Being in a position to cover and share local stories will be great fun and an absolute privilege.”

ANN SCULLY: In writing this story, I have to say that meeting with these two ladies was an absolute pleasure and I feel very confident that they will genuinely and honestly serve the local community in bringing your stories to “life” in the weekly publication of …
Myall Coast News Of The Area.

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Sandra Clark.

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