Sawtell Sunny Side Babies Meet Up After Sixty Years

The 2020 end of year catch up at Sawtell with around thirty or so members gathered.


A SOCIAL membership group of old Sawtellians have been friends for sixty years and have been meeting for the last four regularly for coffee.

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The group now boasts over two hundred members and was started by Trevor Amos and Robert Wright to gather friends and reminisce of days pre-1960.

Mr Amos spoke with News Of The Area about his motivation to start the group.

“What motivated me was to keep in contact with old friends and reminisce of days gone by.

“You lose these people as time goes by but you have your memories.

“As you go back over these you realise they were the best times of your life and you didn’t realise then that you were making memories.”

Mr Amos is proud to call himself a Sunny Side baby, born in the old Sunny Side Hospital on Maclean Street in Coffs Harbour.

“A lot of the group are Sunny Side babies.

“It means an old world charm,” he said.

“We all felt like brothers and sisters where we grew up just after the war and it was all hardship and the community banded together and helped each other out without expectations of anything in return.

“Hence we have been friends for 60 or 70 years.”

Mr Amos’s aunty, Ms Helen Amos, is also part of the group and as a former teacher of Sawtell School regularly attends the events and enjoys catching up with students of over sixty years ago.

Members of the group now reside all over Australian and New Zealand.

The group currently has about two hundred members.

The group has a closed Facebook private page and tries to keep close as a family.

“We call ourselves The Old Sawtell Family.

“It is a good feeling.

“You can look back and have shared memories.

“It’s what makes us all as people because we are also brought up by our friends as well as our families,” Mr Amos said.


By Sandra Moon


Sandy and Ray Price are proud members of The Old Sawtell Family.

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  1. Hi All, I was born in the Sunnyside Private Maternity Hospital and lived in Sawtell as a baby for a short while. I was born on 7th July 1952, however my birth date was somehow recorded with the Births Deaths and Marriages agency as 17th of July 1952. As you can see it has a 10 day difference. I would like to know if the records from the hospital still exist, and if so where can I access them. My name at birth was Carol Jean Harbron, born to Gladys and Kenneth Harbron. Below is my married name.

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