Smith Family Saver Plus program helps families with back-to-school expenses

Program coordinator Graeme Grice and recipient Julie. Photo: supplied.


FAMILIES on the Coffs Coast are invited to join Saver Plus, developed by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and ANZ and delivered locally by The Smith Family.

Saver Plus is a matched savings and financial education program designed to assist individuals and families on lower incomes to improve their levels of financial education, develop a savings habit and build assets for educational purposes.

In 2020, 150 people from the Coffs Coast area joined the Saver Plus program, with the aim of strengthening their financial skills, knowledge, and confidence.
Upon successfully making regular deposits over a 10-month period and completing 8 short financial education modules online, participants are awarded up to $500 in matched savings from ANZ.

Single mum Julie from Coffs said, “The day I wrote “poverty” as my reason for not paying school fees was the day I realised I needed help to budget properly and save money despite my circumstances and low income.

“With help from my Saver Plus Coordinator, I began to save money effortlessly thanks to his ability to help me visualise and plan for goals that had seemed unattainable.

“The assistance and encouragement I received on the Saver Plus Program was invaluable and I now pay those school fees while holding my head high.

“I will continue to recommend this excellent initiative to eligible candidates.”

Parents can then use the $500 bonus towards items for their children’s education, such as laptops, uniforms, shoes, backpacks, and stationery.

Local Saver Plus Coordinator Graeme Grice says the program is a great way to help families kick start planning for next year’s back to school costs.

“Parents want their kids to start the new school year on the right step, and budgeting for school costs right after the holiday season can be tough.

“We always encourage families to enrol in Saver Plus now as an easy way to start saving for next year’s school costs.”

To be eligible, participants must have a Centrelink Healthcare or Pensioner concession card, eligible income, and a child in school or starting next year.

Enquiries can be made via online at or calling 1300 610 355.


By David TUNE

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    I have 4 kids in school and 1 in kindergarten next year , I am interested for this program
    Do I am eligible to apply save up plus for each of them ?

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