South Tomaree Community Associations Tangle Bins are an Environmental Win

Christine Mitchell, President of the South Tomaree Community Association and Issac Dunn at one of the recently installed tangle bins.

FISHING line and hooks left on our break walls and foreshores are a blight on the environment.

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They harm wildlife and can cause injuries and will stay in the environment for years.

In Port Stephens we are fortunate that we have community groups ready to address issues which impact our wildlife and the environment.

The South Tomaree Community Association decided to tackle the issue of fishing tackle in our environment.

The group has paired with the Men’s Shed to create and install 3 tangle bins which is the pilot to a wider program of installation which will be based on the success of the units.

The 3 tangle bins are currently installed at Taylors Beach and at Birubi Beach adjacent to popular fishing spots.

The plans are to see additional tangle bins installed at Boat Harbour and Fisherman’s Bay.

Christine Mitchell of the South Tomaree Community Association told News Of The Area, “We hope that the tangle bins will see a reduction in the number of birds that are caught in fishing lines.”

People also injure themselves on discarded fish hooks.

The Association funded the bins and are keen to see everyone do the right thing.

The bins are installed on Port Stephens Council poles and have a soft top to help keep deposited fishing line within the bin in windy conditions.

Essentially the best thing we can all do when we are out and about is to take only photographs and leave only footprints, these tangle bins make it somewhat easier to meet this goal.

Fishers are urged to use the bins or to take any cut off fishing line home with them to dispose of responsibly.



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