SSAA Coffs Harbour branch hosts the NSW State Score Championships

Alex McMillan.


SSAA Coffs Harbour branch held the NSW State Score Championships from 6 to 9 March, 2021.

122 competitors competed over the 4 days. Consensus was that everyone enjoyed the whole weekend and the rain managed to hold off to only fall at night.

Some outstanding scores were shot, local Junior and Bishop Druitt student Alex McMillan won the Gold medal in the HB Centrefire event scoring 250.22 at 100yds and 250.12 at 200yds beating shooters who are in the Benchrest Hall of Fame and shooters who have represented Australia overseas.

In the Rimfire LB Glenn Seaman from West Wyalong broke two Australian records the first being 250.14 at 50m and combined with the 250.3 at 100yds the Grand Agg.

An amazing result when you consider only a 6x scope is allowed.

In the HB Rimfire local shooters Steve Morton 250.21 came in 2nd.

Bill Buchanan 250.19, 3rd.

In his first major shoot Bernie Axford equal 4th.

Finally Paul Sullivan shot an almost perfect score in the HB Rimfire 50m with a 250.24 and Kevin Birse 250.24 in the 100yds HB Centrefire.

72, 250 patches and 7, 500 were awarded during the weekend which indicates the standard of competition.

Congratulations to all who won medals and patches and all those that competed.

Top 5 results as follows:

LB Rimfire 50m: Glenn Seaman 250.14 (new record). David Jenkins 250.13.

Bill Simmons 250.12. Neil Digweed 250.10. Janette Mitchell 250.9.

100yds: Glenn Seaman 250.3. Keith Smith 249.5.

Paul Sullivan 248.4. David Jenkins 248.3. Bill Simmons 247.2.

Grand Agg: Glenn Seaman 500.17 (new record). David Jenkins 498.16.

Keith Smith 498.15. Paul Sullivan 497.19. Bill Simmons 497.14.

HB Rimfire 50m: Paul Sullivan 250.24. Steve Morton 250.21. Bill Buchanan 250.19.

Kim Cosstick 250.18. Bernie Axford 250.18 (on countback).

100yds: Simon Schultz 250.3. Janette Mitchell 249.7. Bernie Simmons 249.6.

Neil Digweed 249.4. Robin Cox 249.2.

Grand Agg: Simon Schultz 499.22. Bernie Simmons 499.20. Janette Mitchell 499.17.

Paul Sullivan 498.30. Kim Cosstick 498.25.

LB Centrefire 100yds: Peter Duncan 250.20. Barry Nicholls 250.19. Bill Jupp 250.17.

John Garland 250.17. Paul Sullivan 250.16.

200yds: Peter Duncan 250.6. Bill Jupp 249.9. Ean Parsons 248.10. Kevin Birse 248.6.

Local shooter Gary Hunt 248.3.

Grand Agg: Peter Duncan 500.26. Bill Jupp 499.26. Ean Parsons 498.25.

Gary Hunt 498.18. Paul Sullivan 497.23.

HB Centrefire 100yds: Kevin Birse 250.24. Rodney Richardson 250.23.

Alex McMillan (Jnr) 250.22. Paul Sullivan 250.21. Mitch Calcutt 250.20.

200yds: Ean Parsons 250.12 (on countback). Alex McMillan (Jnr) 250.12.

Rodney Richardson 250.9. Paul Sullivan 250.8. Bill Jupp 250.6.

Grand Agg: Alex McMillan (Jnr) 500.34. Rodney Richardson 500.32.

Paul Sullivan 500.29. Ean Parsons 500.27. Bill Jupp 500.21.

2-gun, Rimfire: Paul Sullivan 995.49. Bill Simmons 994.34.

David Jenkins 993.35. Robin Cox 992.32. John Patzwald 992.32.

2-gun, Centrefire: Bill Jupp 999.47. Ean Parsons 998.52. Paul Sullivan 997.52.

Local shooter Gary Hunt 997.39. Kevin Birse 996.55.

4-gun: Paul Sullivan 1992.101. Bill Jupp 1985.82. Kevin Birse 1982.79.

Ean Parsons 1980.84. Greg Schneider 1980.62.



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