Stinker’s Fishing: Big ones down south

Fingal champ Peter Jobe with a couple of cracker Fingal snapper.

CHAMPION Fingal Bay fishing team of Peter Jobe and Scott Quinn were well rewarded when they broke from their traditional fishing grounds and chased snapper by travelling north rather than south.

Launching in Kiddies Corner, the boys crossed Fingal Bay and motored out past the Outer Light to anchor on the reef just north of Shark Island.

This was a major change in direction as the Rocky Point reefs are normally their preferred snapper destination.

With a gentle breeze at their backs the two-man crew dropped the anchor as a berley trail was established and the boat was surrounded by slimy mackerel.

Peter and Scott, like me, are bait fishers rather than plastic tossers.

We agree that the very best bait for snapper is fresh slimy mackerel, either filleted or cubed.

In the event when slimies are unavailable, cubed yellowtail or fresh bonito will do the trick.

Big green prawns from the supermarket will also add to the bag.

Back to Shark Island where the first unweighted baits are making their way to the rocky bottom.


Something big and mean attacked the fresh slimy fillet and headed straight for Boondelbah Island. After a mighty battle Scott landed a cracker 6kg snapper minutes before Peter landed a similar fish. The bite was red hot as bait after bait was smashed by thumpers over 5kg.

With seven super snapper on board it was decided that it wasn’t necessary to reach their bag limit with fish as big as those.

With the snapper biting like piranha the anchor was lifted and the team headed home.

I asked Scott whether he would now be concentrating his efforts north of Fingal.

“No mate, the big ones are down south.”

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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