Stockton Men’s Bowling Club Results


THE 2021 Saturday Pennant Competition commenced on 13 March, with 5 sides from the Club entered in this competition.

No. 2 Grade played Hamilton North at home and in a close fought match won overall by 64-60 shots (points 10-0), No. 4 Grade played Mayfield West away and won (points 9.5-.5).

No. 6 Grade played Tea Gardens away and in another close encounter won by 59-56 shots (points NA).

No.7-1 Grade played Nelson Bay away and lost by 54-57 shots (points 2-8).

No. 7-2 Side played Valentine at home and the inclusion of our Lady players in the Men’s competition proved a winning move, recording a comfortable win by 67-50 shots (points 9-1). Sometimes the efforts of the most diligent reporter can get the story wrong and this was the case with the report on the Club Minor Singles recently.

With apologies to the Winner, Mick Slater a correction is following.

Some facts were correct with skill and luck both playing a part in the result.

Mick in fact was never headed in the game.

The closest Leo Payne came was in about the 5th last end when he scored 3 shots to level the scores at 27 all.

Two ends later Leo was holding 4 shots and game when Mick trailed the kitty to restrict Leo to 1 shot (score Mick 29-Leo 28).

Next end Leo played a weighted shot to trail the kitty to all his back bowls and close out the game only to see the kitty rebound from one of his bowls and give Mick 1 shot (score Mick 30 Leo 28).

Leo scored 1 shot on the next end and Mick drew 2 accurate draw shots on the last end to which Leo could not respond, the final score was Mick 32 Leo 29.

A great game well worthy of a Finals match.



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