Talking about happiness with Mick Macron at the Tea Gardens Library


TEA Gardens Library will welcome back Mick Marcon, Losang Dragpa Kadampa Buddhist Centre’s resident teacher, for an inspiring talk on the book ‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’, this Friday 5 March.

Mick has delivered talks across a number of local library locations in the past and returns this year with more knowledge and insight to share, on behalf of the book’s author Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Based on the famous Eight Verses of Training the Mind by the great Buddhist master, Langri Tangpa, ‘The New Eight Steps to Happiness’ reveals essential methods for transforming all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights and for developing universal love and compassion, the source of true happiness for both self and others.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso is a fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism who has pioneered the introduction of modern Buddhism into contemporary society.

He is the author of 22 highly acclaimed books that perfectly transmit the ancient wisdom of Buddhism to our modern world.

He has also founded 1200 Kadampa Buddhist centres and groups throughout the world.

Mick Marcon is the Resident Teacher at Losang Dragpa Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Mayfield.

He has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for over 15 years and has taught meditation and Buddhism in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Taree, Forster and Port Macquarie.

“We’re really pleased to have Mick back with us, his past talks have struck a chord with locals and really changed their way of thinking,” said Chris Jones, MidCoast Council’s Libraries Manager.

“Whether you’re Buddhist or not, the talk will benefit everyone.”

Mick will be speaking at Tea Gardens Library on Friday 5 March at 2.30pm.

To find out more about and book your place, head to the Libraries website

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