Tanilba Bay Baptist Church keeps parishioners engaged online

An early practice session for online streaming at Tanilba’s Baptist Church.


DURING the Covid lockdown last year, community gatherings were banned and Tanilba’s Baptist Church services went online.

This meant that parishioners could follow the services from home, and indeed, they could be viewed from anywhere on the planet.

Such was the popularity of this innovative technology that even now after the pandemic threat has passed, the online church service remains an option.

According to Rev. Anthony Gentle, services are back to normal with no face masks to interfere with singing and apart from social distancing, everything is back to the usual routine.

“We also stream our services via our facebook site,” he said.

“Those interested can Google ‘Tanilba Bay Baptist Church’ and follow us online,” he said.

“We have had as many as 100 ‘hits’ on an individual service,” he added.

“We had two new local families join us on Good Friday and new members are welcome to join our congregation at any time. All details are on our facebook page,” he stated.

Easter remains the most important time of the year for many religious groups as it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection.

The dates change each year to coincide with the lunar calendar.



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