Tea Gardens community Re Think Local Waste

Sales and Marketing Manager Rob Niccols guides interested locals at the ANL site.


ADDING recycled green waste from local residents processed at the Australian Native Landscape facility is just one-way farmers on the land may be eligible to generate carbon credits by increasing levels of soil carbon.

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Directors Patrick and Sharon Soars welcomed around 60 guests to the ANL facility on Friday 29 November with Patrick firstly addressing the group giving a brief history of the 100-acre site in Pindimar Road Tea Gardens from Aboriginal times through the AMP years and the Pines project to current day.

Amanda Kane Acting Director for EPA Resource Recovery spoke of how avoiding food waste at curbside collections and reusing well managed discarded waste benefits emissions making for a sustainable integrated circular economy.

Guest speaker Mathew Warnken from Agriprove told the interested locals, “The first Australian Carbon Credits (ACCUs) were issued earlier this year by the Australian Government adding profit to production and farm sustainability with soil carbon farming.”

“The measurements are done through soil sampling to establish a baseline and over years improvements of soil carbon by adding organic matter and composts are then remeasured to calculate the ACCUs earnt. “Mathew said.

A guided tour of the facility lead by Rob Niccol Sales and Marketing Manager at ANL explained the specialised ranges of quality composts, composted mulches and special blends for agricultural and horticultural cropping systems that ANL have developed. “The old chipping machine is still here but not used as we do not chip on this site.” Rob said.

Residents are urged only to deposit green waste in green waste collection bins, no plastics. The rows of green waste in piles on the site are aerated, turned and moved as composting takes place resulting in the final products for sale.

ANL staff encouraged local residents to contact them directly with any questions,concerns or for further information.


By Sandra CLARK

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