Tea Gardens Hawks make return for new season training

Pre-season training sessions have been well attended by Hawks Seniors, no doubt inspired by 2023’s stellar performances.

SENIORS Men’s Tea Gardens Hawks players began flocking to Myall Park recently, to warm up and train for the coming 2024 season of regional rugby league.

The Hawks’ spectacular 2023 season, which saw the side soar all the way into the Grand Final at Lakeside, has no doubt inspired many new players, as well as those returning, to have another solid crack at obtaining the Premiership this year.

“We had a really successful year for the club in 2023.

“We may have lost a lot of experience this season, but that gives younger players the opportunity to step up,” Hawks Coach Chad Redman, himself a veteran of two NRL teams, told NOTA.

“We’re seeing a different dynamic from last year, with some new faces, around six new people, including some returnees who haven’t played with the Club for a few seasons.

“They seem to have been attracted by our success last year.”

Recent rains have rejuvenated the Myall Park Oval grass somewhat, and also brought a cooler temperature for the Thursday night training on 15 February.

All Hawks sides were looking fit and strong at Myall Park on Thursday 15 February, including the Lady Hawks and Myall River Juniors, gathering from 5pm every Tuesday and Thursday, each one visibly determined to ace their upcoming seasons.

A small army of family members and supporters also came along to show support from the nascent Myall Park Sports Complex, while the old Clubhouse sits half-demolished next door.

Shaq Saunders, who played with the Hawks alongside his father, Ryan, during last year’s stellar season, and has since signed on to play with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the SG Ball Competition, was also there for moral support.

Trial games are slated to begin around late March/early April, alongside the various Myall River Juniors and Lady Hawks Tackle teams.

“We’ve got the potential to match last year’s effort, the boys just need to turn up at training and stay committed,” Chad affirmed.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Hawks Seniors train during pre-season, reminding each other how to take a tackle, and how gravity works.

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