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Helen Watkins from the Thursday Walkers Group filed this report with Myall Coast News:whale spotting

The weather gods are well and truly smiling as twenty four of us gather for one of the favourite walks in the Thursday Walkers’ calendar.

The walk at Seal Rocks and Treachery Beach and up to the lighthouse.

Well some of us go all the way up to the lighthouse, whilst others decide that it’s just too UP and opt out.

After the initial cardio workout from the car park we head into the bush towards the headland.

We are here to get close to nature, but for one a bit too close when her morning tea is stolen by a muesli bar loving kookaburra.

Ian is as ever hopeful of seeing whales, and yes we are not disappointed. EIGHT whale sightings and two pods of wave surfing dolphins add to the day’s enjoyment.

Thanks to all those happy to share their binoculars.

We must have done something right because those weather gods kept smiling for the entire day, so much so that one walker could not resist the lure of the waves, it did look inviting.

It’s amazing how much pleasure one can get from a good stretch of the legs in magnificent surroundings with convivial company.

And what is it about beach, walking and ice cream that is soooo good?

Helen Watkins

Thursday Walkers Group

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