Tea Gardens Men’s ‘s Bowling Club

Club Minor Pairs Champions, Tony Butler and Rick Islaub with Runners-up, Dave Garcia and Rob Young.

4 Oct.

NOT content with just sponsoring the Bowls for today, Rod Morrison and offsider Dave cooked and provided a wonderful barbeque lunch for all the bowlers.

Our thanks to Rod for his generous support of Tea Gardens Men’s Bowls.

With the Three x Three team enjoying a bye, the numbers swelled today to 53 players bowling in fine and windy conditions

The overall winners today with 45 points were Greg Smith, Peter Gurney, and Merv Mills.

The morning game was decided by the Lowest winning margin and with a margin of 2 Doug Andrews, John Moore and Roman Bondaruk were the winners.

The afternoon game was won by Rob Jones, Col Cameron, and Bruce Murray. The result was determined by the Highest winning margin,

They had a margin of 14.

The Garden Eatery voucher was won by Mark Hair. Our thanks to the Garden Eatery for sponsoring this voucher.
7 Oct

The semi-final round of the Club Minor Pairs Championship was played today with Rob Young and Dave Garcia taking on Peter Campbell and Graham Uff and Rick Islaub and Tony Butler opposing Phil Thrift and Chris Fredericks.

Dave and Rob had a comfortable win 35-10 and Rick and Tony had a similar win 30-13.

8 Oct

Early morning proceedings saw a fabulous turnout of 37 players for Sunday bowls.

There were a few fresh players scattered among them and I am sure they enjoyed their day.

Big things are happening with Sunday bowls so watch this space.

The winners with the lowest winning score were Chrissy Buddle, Deb Gardiner, and Geoff Page.

Many players stayed on to watch the start of the Club Minor Pairs Championship.

Rick Islaub and Tony Butler are taking on Dave Garcia and Rob Young.

Rick and Tony established an early lead which they continued to consolidate as the game progressed.

They eventually won 22-11.

Congratulations to all who participated and well done to the finalists for an entertaining game.

This is the first Championship for Rick and Tony and I predict it will not be their last.

In other news.

The Women’s Bowling Club are sponsoring their Oncology Day fundraiser on Friday 27th October
Oncology Day is on Friday 27th October. There is a nomination sheet on the board.

Entries close for the Club Triples Championship on the 13th of October with Round 1 commencing on the 21st of October.

The Northmead / Tea Gardens Trophy will be played, once again, on Saturday 28th October starting at 10pm.

They will have about 25 bowlers so we will need to match them so we can retain the trophy.

Saturday will be the trophy game and on Sunday they will join the Sunday bowlers for another game.

Congratulations to Roman Bondaruk for now becoming an accredited umpire and for Mark Hair and Col Amos for achieving their reaccreditation.


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